Sunday, October 16, 2011

One Foot In Front Of The Other

I was just going to take it easy. I was still unsure of my right hamstring, had only done non-impact cardio all week, and was concerned of the recovery time if I pushed it too much.

That was when I left Angie and the kids at the dog park at Whiterock Lake.

I walked slowly for the first five minutes. I walked faster for the next five minutes giving me a full ten minutes of warm up. Just to be on the safe side, I walked even faster for the next five minutes. I then started running. Not fast, and not far, but running. The hamstring felt fine.

I definitely didn't push, running slower and for less distance each time for the next seven miles. It was then that I felt the hammy tighten up. It wasn't bad, so I stretched it out a bit and continued...more walking than normal, but with short bursts of running to improve my time. As I approached the dog park, I was tired and hot, but really wanted to do more than the 9-10 miles I seemed to be my plateau. I needed to know if I could do it before actually having to do it.

So, I continued. The plan was that I would continue two miles passed where Angie was, and then turn around and do the two miles back. My total would be thirteen.

As I hit 10.5 miles, I came to the conclusion I had made a terrible mistake. My legs were very tired, almost completely spent. I was becoming very dehydrated as it was quite hot, and I was a mile and a half away from my destination.

I thought hard about what I was doing out there...about the money that all of my supporters had donated, and how, according to WorldVision, $3000 can provide 60 people clean water FOR LIFE!!! I am astounded that I am a part of that. 60 people will have clean water for the rest of their lives because eighteen weeks ago I decided to take a challenge and because I have such generous family, friends, and colleagues.

As I thought of this, and the almost $100,000.00 that the entire Team Springcreek has earned, I figured I would stick to the plan and go the remaining half mile. Once there, I could turn around a return to Angie.

I continued to try to run, not getting more than perhaps a couple hundred of feet each time. I started looking at my remaining distance as short goals to each water fountain to wet my mouth. At about 12 miles, I started to think that I might have to call Angie to pick me up. My legs were exhausted. I must have been walking like a drunken sailor. I just focused on one foot in front of the other. I started to panic a bit as each stretch of path opened in front of me. I really didn't think I was going to be able to make it back. Eventually, as I turned the corner and saw the dog park, I realized I had made it. I looked at the GPS...13.13 miles in 3:44:45.

My legs started cramping and I was miserable. As Angie arrived at the car, I got into the passenger seat and felt like crying. My legs hurt like I've never felt before, but I was more emotionally drained than anything. Angie looked at me with pride, and I felt that pride, but also the fear that I have to do it again this weekend.

The 13.1 is this Saturday. I will do my best to complete it...whether it takes three hours or 13 hours. I will put one foot in front of the other until I cross that finish line.

I will do it for my supporters and I will do it for myself...most importantly, I will do it for the people of Katito, Kenya.

Thank you to all of you who have supported, whether through your donation, your comments, or your prayers. Please pray for me and the entire Team Springcreek and the WorldVision team on Saturday.

THERE'S STILL TIME TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. If you have not yet given and would like to, please click here.