Thursday, November 15, 2012

...Not Done

I knew when I set at goal of raising $13,700 it would be a stretch...someone described it as "audacious"...I knew I wouldn't be able to achieve it without incredibly generous support from my friends, colleagues and family.

I've received amazing support, but I would like to make a final push to get closer to the amount.  Having been in Kenya and seeing the affect that these funds have on lives, I personally know that every additional dollar has a profound impact on people...I know that clean water saves lives.  I've met the people who's lives were immeasurably improved by a bore hole, rain catch system, and/or education.

So, I've been thinking about what I can do to justify my ask for more money.  My first decision is that I will add two more half marathons to this year's schedule.  I will run the SprintPCS Dallas Half Marathon in early December.  I am continuing my training to improve on my Personal Best time of 2:49.  My goal is under 2:45.  Additionally, I will run the Arctic Blast Virtual Marathon during the last week of December.  This is a less organized run where we sign up and run a half and provide proof of our run.  I will use my long run training path around Whiterock Lake as the course.

So, I've added two races to extend my fundraising time.  Additionally, I will continue my offer of a jersey to anyone who donates $25.  I have plenty left in most sizes.  This is the same jersey that I've been wearing during my training and during races (see picture above).  It's made of synthetic material and makes great training gear.  It would also make a great Christmas present to someone, so make a donation on their behalf and give them the jersey to show them how much you care.

Thank you for your support.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'm finally getting to updating my blog regarding my last run.  I ran the Allstate 13.1 Half Marathon  in Dallas on October 27.  It was a beautiful and cold morning and conditions could not have been better.

Angie, Cassie and I visited with other runners and supporters at the Team World Vision tent before the run.  We were all cold, but my anxiousness of starting another half marathon was enough to keep me from worrying about the temperatures.  I also new that the cool weather would be a Godsend during the actual race.

Because of the intense training that I had done, and the fact that I ran 13.1 in 2:53 a couple of weeks prior, I had adjusted my personal goal to 2:50.  Since my previous official best was 3:07, I knew that this goal was a stretch goal.  Additionally, I never take these things for granted.  Given my extra weight, any long distance run is tough and I never assume I am going to have a good time, let alone finish.  But this time, I had a plan.  In the past, I have always bonked out near the end.  It's happened at mile 8, mile 9 or even later, but it has always happened...and the result is cramping and having to walk at the end.  During my training, I focused on extending my endurance and range and I had hopes that it would pay off during this race.
I also went into this race with a plan.  I wouldn't go full out in the beginning.  Instead, I planned on getting the first 9 miles done at a pace of 4.5 miles per hour, or maybe a little faster.  I knew that if I could finish the first 9 miles in less than two hours I would have some left in the tank for a faster finish.  I set my GPS to keep me informed of my pace and hit the start line.

At the start, it is very difficult to NOT go too fast.  My first mile was at 4.7 miles per hour.  This was a perfect pace.  As I was passed by other runners, I found myself having to tell myself to ignore them and run my own race.  It worked and I kept at a good 4.7 miles per hour.  I was at about 9.5 miles when I hit the two hour mark.  I also knew I had three minutes to spare, and the clock time was more than three minutes ahead of my actual time.

I as hit the 12th mile, I knew I was in good shape.  I felt pretty good and was still running almost four minutes of each of my five minute intervals.  I also knew that the last mile was uphill and that last year it really killed me.  I walked more of mile 13 than previous, but I knew I was still in good shape.  As I turned the last corner, I saw Angie, Cassie and my friends cheering us on.  I also saw the finish line and jogged to the end.  It is the first time I actually jogged at the finish.  I looked up and saw that the clock had not yet hit 2:53.  I had done it...I beat my goal of 2:50 with an official time of 2:49:22.  This time is a Personal Best (PR) for me, and was 16 minutes faster than Chicago.  Additionally, this time was more that 30 minutes faster than this same race a year ago...

I have completed my three halfs this year, but I'm not done...I haven't hit half of my fundraising goal, so there's more to do.  Perhaps more races?  Stay the title says, I'm done...but not done.