Monday, July 15, 2013

One In A Million

For most of you, my lack of workout posts and requests for money for my fundraising for Team World Vision's Child Protection has been a welcome respite.  For me, it's been an interesting couple of months, to say the least.

Several weeks ago I started exhibiting symptoms that made working out very difficult.  I was in a great deal of pain and a lot of motion just made it worse. I went to my general practitioner and he was able to rule out a couple of things, but could not give me a diagnosis, so he referred me to a specialist.  This specialist performed a biopsy and a couple of weeks later I had my diagnosis - a very rare autoimmune disease where my body attacks a normal antibody in healthy cells.  The disease is serious and can lead to significant issues, including blindness and death.  I am fortunate in that my doctor believes he can control the disease with a very conservative steroid therapy and will not have to move to a more aggressive therapy where the side effects from the steroids are almost as bad as the disease.  Either way, my doctor assures me that we will become "best friends" over the next several years as I will have to visit him often.

I have to be honest...if I was going to be associated with something that had 1 in a million odds, I would have preferred winning the lottery.

At this point, I am just glad to have a diagnosis, particularly one in which the doctor has instructed me to return to normal activity as I can tolerate.  So, today, after a week of treatment, I ran.  I didn't run long and I didn't run particularly far, but I ran.  My legs hurt, my head hurt and my breathing hurt, but I ran.  It's amazing how quickly we lose some of our conditioning, but all I know is that I ran.

I don't know if I will be able to run tomorrow, and I know I couldn't run yesterday, but today I ran.  I ran for Child Protection and all of the kids that will benefit from our fundraising.  I ran for all of the people that donated to my run and those who will donate.  I ran to get ready for the New York City Marathon.

Today, in addition to all of the above, I ran for ME!

It's clear that there are no promises for tomorrow.  Go kiss your spouse, hug your kids, and make a donation by clicking here.  Don't wait for tomorrow, do it now.