Sunday, January 14, 2007

I am outta here...

For the last couple of months I have been talking with a director of support at Network Appliance. I was introduced to him by my former director at McAfee. Within the last couple of weeks (since New Years) our discussions have become more frequent and I was asked to interview with several support managers, directors and a vp at their Raleigh, NC support center.

The interviews went well and I had an offer in hand by the end of that day. However, leaving one company for another is a difficult decision. On top of that, I have been in McAfee for almost 11 years.

After several question and answer periods, and a 40 minute conversation with Angie, which led to some more question and answer - I signed the paperwork thus accepting their offer. The next day, I resigned and provided more than the required two week notice. My colleagues were more than a little shocked and some a little angry (mostly those I worked directly with and some of my staff). I took all to be compliments.

After almost 11 years, it took several things to make me move - in addition to the belief that I had done everything I set out to do at McAfee. Besides a nice increase in pay, the opportunity is a great one for me doing something that I love AND that I'm good at. I get to build a team and an offering from scratch. The company seems awesome, exhibiting strong growth and excellent people. And, lastly, I get to work from home when I am not traveling.

One of the great things about this change is that Angie has been very supportive and not a little appreciative. She seems really proud of me...and that has been the best feeling in all of this!


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Quick Takes...

I haven’t blogged since I’ve gotten home so I will catch everyone up with a couple of quick takes…

1) Christmas was awesome. It was nice to be home and the kids seemed to really enjoy the day. We had a pleasant time with family and friends and I got some cool hunting stuff.

2) My sister came to stay with us during the break. We had a great time seeing some North Texas sites (6th Floor Museum and Ft. Worth Stockyards), we ate great (Trail Dust, Sonic, Whataburger, and Pappasitos – GET THE DEL MAR), and enjoyed watching the kids get to know some more of my NY family.

3) New Years was quiet (which is synonymous with IDEAL). We stayed home and disappointed Angie. She gave us permission to do so, however.

4) I’ve gotten reacquainted with my buds in my men’s small group. We’ve discussed our objectives for 2007 and worked out some accountability plans. All good. I will share mine so you can help keep me on track:

a. Be more obedient to God (I have the big stuff covered, but would like to do better in the small stuff. Not because I think he’ll reward me for being good (I know He’s not performance based, but because His way is the ideal way to live).
b. Spend more quality time with God (in scripture and in prayer – to focus on all the good things He does in my life and to make sure I am continually following his plan for me).
c. Work on changing my critical nature (I can be real tough on Angie, the kids, and colleagues – I’d like to change that)
d. Be a better financial steward (do better things with the blessings that we’ve been given than stuff my face and buy less toys).
e. Get healthy – including lose weight, exercise more and quit smoking

5) Went duck hunting for the first time. It was awesome...quite an experience walking through mud and water with waders on. No ducks came close enough to shoot, but I did see a beautiful sunrise, heard several coyotes going crazy close enough to scare us, and we saw a beaver swim right past us.

6) Angie and I continue to enjoy each other and are planning some more regular time alone together. Our relationship is in a period of prospering and I will work to make that continue. She recently told me that I need to romance her more. I can do that!!!

You have permission to ask me how I’m doing and to pray for my success in the above.

I have another very major life change announcement to make and will do so shortly. (That’s a tease – look back at my blog often to see what it is)