Monday, September 09, 2013

Strong Legs, Broken Heart

I haven't blogged in a while.  I've had an interesting summer and frankly, I'm just glad it's over.

I took a new role at work, and although I am enjoying the challenge it has been a lot of work.  While I was transitioning into this role we bought and moved into a new house.  Then, I was diagnosed with a serious and very rare autoimmune disease.  Then, the woman who took me in as a teen passed away.  Needless to say, it's been a tough several months where many things took a back seat, including fundraising for World Vision's Child Protection Services and training for the New York City Marathon.

A while back, the doctor gave me a thumbs up regarding my treatment and cleared my to continue my training.  I lost a couple of months of training during this process, but I concluded that I was going to try and run the marathon anyway.  I started training again.

Although I am not where I hoped to me, I had a very strong 10k run this morning.  I am in NYC, and the temperature difference from North Texas really seemed to help.  I am going to put that to the test again on Saturday when I plan on running 21k, or a half marathon training run.

As I continue to train, I also realize that I need to step up my fundraising.  I planned on doing a couple of events this summer and will try to squeeze them in before the race in November.  I am more dedicated to this project, now more than ever.  Tonight we had a Team World Vision call, and we had a guest (an employee of World Vision) who had recently been to Mozambique to see the work and need there for child protection services.  He read from his personal journal about kids that were exploited, abused, and in the most horrible need for help.  I cannot clear from my mind the eighteen month old girl that he mentioned that had been a victim of rape...18 MONTHS old for crying out loud.  How can that not break your heart?  How can that not cause you to action - any action that could help these most vulnerable of people.

I know that story and the others he shared will motivate me to go to the gym tomorrow and the next day and the next to continue my training for the marathon.  I hope it also motivates you to click the link below to make a donation to help.  We cannot allow these horror stories to continue.  We MUST act.  I've met some of the people that Child Protection is meant to help during my trip to Kenya.  They are real people, who laugh and cry just like us.  We can make a difference together.  We MUST try!

Please click here to make a generous donation to help fund the vital work being done by World Vision.

Thank you.  I pray that you and your children never have to suffer anything like the people in Mozambique and elsewhere.