Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Day Off?

As I train for the 13.1, I’ve been alternating weight training and cardio training at our gym. Typically, I am there every morning to work out and my training week culminates with a distance walk/run on Saturday and then I start all over again.

I’ve scheduled Tuesdays as my one day off during the week. I very much look forward to my off day as my body is quite tired by that time. Getting up early to get to the gym is difficult - most of the time the purpose for the run (funding the water projects) and everyone’s support is the reason that I get up to go. However, getting in shape is also a strong motivator. As I progress in that effort, playing sports becomes a larger part of my fitness plan. Playing sports has always been a love of mine and I’ve always been athletic. So, as I get more in shape I am able to do more things…The kids and I have been playing a lot of basketball, racquetball and yesterday we started playing some tennis.

Even on a day off, it’s fun to get some exercise and spend time with the kids.

However, it seems that my body is telling me it needs that day off. Twice over the last couple of weeks I’ve “tweaked” my knee playing on my day off from training. Actually, it’s the same nagging injury that won’t go away. Yesterday, I took a skip step and felt a pull behind my left knee. I originally hurt it a couple of weeks ago playing basketball. Same pain, same area.

I don’t believe there is anything seriously wrong, but it can be painful at times and it worries me that perhaps I won’t be able to train for a while. I’ll take it easy for a couple of days and then try to ignore it as much as possible. But, it’s gotten me to thinking – what if I needed my legs to walk to get water? What if I was hurt, but I still had to get water? I know I can stop training for a couple of days and then even change my training routine, if needed. In fact, I’ve been thinking about swimming for a couple of weeks to get off my legs and give them a break. Imagine that, I’m going to jump in a pool full of water to train for a half marathon that we’re using to fund projects in Africa that will provide life-giving clean water to people that don’t have enough.

It seems ironic to me. It also serves as a reminder to how much we've really have.

It also makes the nagging pain in my leg seem very inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. We have so much when others have so little. That seems to be very important – as does the call for us to share.

Won’t you please share and support me in my run? Click here to go to my Team World Vision page to give.

Thank you for your support and I’ll keep training, no amount of pain will stop my efforts to make a difference.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

87 cents

Don't take this the wrong way...I have been incredibly moved by the support that I received around my decision to run a half marathon in October. I received several very generous donations this week and I am so grateful for them, and for the good friends that made them.

In fact, it was how my friends' generosity moved me that led to a very meaningful, albeit much smaller, donation.

I was sharing with Angie how much it meant to me that Al, Jeff and Greg donated to Team World Vision on behalf of my running the race. As I told her how much it meant to me and how grateful I was for my friends, I hadn't noticed that Cassie left the room. I figured she had grown bored of our conversation and looked for something more exciting to do.

That was until she came back to me a little while later. She handed me eighty seven cents and said that she wanted my to take it for my fundraising. She said it was all she had, but that she thought the water projects were more important. I was speechless, but eventually tried to give her the money back, thanking her for her giving heart. She insisted...

So, I have an $0.87 cash donation from a nine year old girl with a very special heart. I can't stop thinking about the old woman who donates all she has to the temple, and how Jesus comments that she has given so much more than the rich who give with no sacrifice (Luke 21:1-5). Although all of the donations that I have received, and will receive, mean the world to me - there is a special place in my heart for the 87 cents sitting on my desk.

Would you please consider your own donation for this very worthy cause? Whether 87 cents, 87 dollars or 870 dollars, it would mean the world to me and would help with these very important water projects for those less fortunate. Click here to give.

And know this, any donation helps fuel my motivation and drive to train. As I took step after step during my five miles this morning, all I could think of was the good friends that have supported my and all those that will.

Thanks for your prayers and support.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

What The Hell Am I Thinking?

The organization World Vision has impacted my family in ways that we never imagined. We sponsor several children in Katito, Kenya though them. Dylan has gone to Bolivia on a World Vision study trip. The kids are very involved in 30-Hour Famine. I subscribe to and enjoy their weekly podcast. Even Cassie understands that they are doing amazing work and was incredibly moved by the "Step Into Africa" exhibit. All of the kids gave up some of their own Christmas presents and instead chose gifts through the gift catalogue to send to some needed place. World Vision has been a big part of our church for several years, and Dylan and I have often spoken about perhaps going on a mission trip to Katito - to help in any way we can, to see meet our sponsored children, and to bring back the message of the good work that is going on over there.

I've always told myself that once I get into shape, that I would pursue the trip.

Until then, I didn't think I could make a significant impact other than praying and by making our monthly sponsorship payment.

That was until last week. Springcreek Church is teaming up with Team World Vision to run the 13.1 Half Marathon in Dallas on October 22. The idea is that you commit to run, ask people to donate on your behalf, and then run. When I saw the video, it sounded like a great idea and something that I wanted to get behind...until I thought about what kind of shape I am in and the fact that I really can't run 13.1 minutes, let alone 13.1 miles.

However, the more I thought about it, the more I thought that this was an amazing opportunity that God was putting in front of opportunity to help those that have incredibly urgent needs and an opportunity to continue to work towards the fitness goals that I have set for myself. I've lost 35 pounds so far and spend several hours in the gym each week - but now I really have to pick of the pace. I am afraid that I won't be ready, but I also realize that I have 19 weeks to get this done. With the support of our church family, Angie and the kids (who may decide to commit to doing this themselves), and team World Vision, I pray that 13.1 won't kill me.

I will share my journey through this blog, and I ask you to consider helping me reach my financial goals. I am hoping to raise $200 per mile with the money going to World Vision. 13.1 miles times $200 per mile means I need to raise $2620.00. I would be most appreciative at any donation amount...$1 per mile ($13.10), $2 per mile ($26.20), $5 per mile ($65.50), or more....whatever you can afford would be so helpful.

If you can't help support this effort at this time, you can still help support this effort. Pray for my training, the training of the entire team, for the water projects that this money will go towards, and for the people of Kenya and Malawi that have such huge needs.

To visit my Team World Vision page, please click here.

Thanks for your support.