Sunday, June 12, 2011

What The Hell Am I Thinking?

The organization World Vision has impacted my family in ways that we never imagined. We sponsor several children in Katito, Kenya though them. Dylan has gone to Bolivia on a World Vision study trip. The kids are very involved in 30-Hour Famine. I subscribe to and enjoy their weekly podcast. Even Cassie understands that they are doing amazing work and was incredibly moved by the "Step Into Africa" exhibit. All of the kids gave up some of their own Christmas presents and instead chose gifts through the gift catalogue to send to some needed place. World Vision has been a big part of our church for several years, and Dylan and I have often spoken about perhaps going on a mission trip to Katito - to help in any way we can, to see meet our sponsored children, and to bring back the message of the good work that is going on over there.

I've always told myself that once I get into shape, that I would pursue the trip.

Until then, I didn't think I could make a significant impact other than praying and by making our monthly sponsorship payment.

That was until last week. Springcreek Church is teaming up with Team World Vision to run the 13.1 Half Marathon in Dallas on October 22. The idea is that you commit to run, ask people to donate on your behalf, and then run. When I saw the video, it sounded like a great idea and something that I wanted to get behind...until I thought about what kind of shape I am in and the fact that I really can't run 13.1 minutes, let alone 13.1 miles.

However, the more I thought about it, the more I thought that this was an amazing opportunity that God was putting in front of opportunity to help those that have incredibly urgent needs and an opportunity to continue to work towards the fitness goals that I have set for myself. I've lost 35 pounds so far and spend several hours in the gym each week - but now I really have to pick of the pace. I am afraid that I won't be ready, but I also realize that I have 19 weeks to get this done. With the support of our church family, Angie and the kids (who may decide to commit to doing this themselves), and team World Vision, I pray that 13.1 won't kill me.

I will share my journey through this blog, and I ask you to consider helping me reach my financial goals. I am hoping to raise $200 per mile with the money going to World Vision. 13.1 miles times $200 per mile means I need to raise $2620.00. I would be most appreciative at any donation amount...$1 per mile ($13.10), $2 per mile ($26.20), $5 per mile ($65.50), or more....whatever you can afford would be so helpful.

If you can't help support this effort at this time, you can still help support this effort. Pray for my training, the training of the entire team, for the water projects that this money will go towards, and for the people of Kenya and Malawi that have such huge needs.

To visit my Team World Vision page, please click here.

Thanks for your support.


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