Sunday, January 14, 2007

I am outta here...

For the last couple of months I have been talking with a director of support at Network Appliance. I was introduced to him by my former director at McAfee. Within the last couple of weeks (since New Years) our discussions have become more frequent and I was asked to interview with several support managers, directors and a vp at their Raleigh, NC support center.

The interviews went well and I had an offer in hand by the end of that day. However, leaving one company for another is a difficult decision. On top of that, I have been in McAfee for almost 11 years.

After several question and answer periods, and a 40 minute conversation with Angie, which led to some more question and answer - I signed the paperwork thus accepting their offer. The next day, I resigned and provided more than the required two week notice. My colleagues were more than a little shocked and some a little angry (mostly those I worked directly with and some of my staff). I took all to be compliments.

After almost 11 years, it took several things to make me move - in addition to the belief that I had done everything I set out to do at McAfee. Besides a nice increase in pay, the opportunity is a great one for me doing something that I love AND that I'm good at. I get to build a team and an offering from scratch. The company seems awesome, exhibiting strong growth and excellent people. And, lastly, I get to work from home when I am not traveling.

One of the great things about this change is that Angie has been very supportive and not a little appreciative. She seems really proud of me...and that has been the best feeling in all of this!



Anonymous said...

Does this mean you have a shot at moving back to the East Coast????

Congratulations and best of luck in your new endeavor. Kick some a** just like you did at McAfee and show 'em what you are made of!


Prashanth said...

Hey Scott, Congrats on your new role.