Saturday, August 01, 2009

Farting Imitates Blogging?

There's an old joke, not particularly funny, but maybe more true than not in the larger sense. It goes:

Q: Why don't women fart?

A: Because they never shut up enough to build up pressure.

Like I said, it’s not particularly funny. But the idea got me to thinking...particularly around the fact that I haven't blogged in a while. In fact, I haven't blogged a great deal since I joined Facebook.

I've begun to ponder some of the reasons why my blog has been neglected; to think about the reasons why I blogged in the first place. My initial idea was that it would be a good way to have family back home in New York kept up to date on all things going on Texas. Quickly, however, the blog became more of a public diary; part confessional, part therapist, but all cathartic. Getting out some of the junk that accumulates in our brains is good for us - and the blog provides a mechanism for just that...sort of a huge brain fart that feels oh so good.

Then, I finally succumbed to Facebook. That was more of a way for me to keep up with what everyone else was up to. And for the most part that continues to be true. Over time, though, it seems that quick updates about the universe that holds me as its sun has changed my behavior in the same way that the women who never shuts up never farts. Ultimately, two or three updates a day seems to have reduced the need to express myself in the long rip of flatulence that is my blog.

That’s not to say that everyone once in a while you just have to just lift a cheek and blast away. Sometimes your digestive system demands it and I suspect that my need to blog will continue similarly. Hunting season is fast approaching and hunting and fishing seems to be the one topic in which blogging is easy. I also have a two week trip to India coming up, so there should be significant opportunities to blog. We spent last weekend in Houston on our third annual New York Mets @ Houston Astros trip. I’ve had a nagging desire to blog about families and my desire to pass traditions down to the kids.

I don’t know what else is in store for my blog, but I’m sure that my need to post will continue. Just hold your noses, because I’m sure some of them will stink.


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