Thursday, August 04, 2011


It's been very difficult getting back into a training routine since returning from Florida.

During my two week vacation I did not exercise in the gym. Instead, I relied on the fact that we likely walked 5-10 miles in each of the amusement parks we visited and that we only usually ate two meals per day. Add the fact that we were in a pool virtually every day and I was sure I was getting plenty of daily physical activity.

The last week we were in Orlando, I worked while Angie and the kids vacationed...I didn't train that week, and probably should have - especially because I wasn't dieting too much either.

We returned home on Sunday night...tired and likely in need of a vacation. As Angie got back into the household and kids routine, I got back into the work routine. I thought about going to the gym Monday and Tuesday, but did not.

However, on Tuesday, Angie spent some time giving to our friends who are also running the 13.1. She and the kids also made a large donation to my effort. This donation meant a lot. Not only was it a signal to me that they really support what I am doing, but that they are willing to sacrifice their own material wants for something more meaningful.

Thinking about that gift, I had a great deal more will-power to get up and get to the gym yesterday. I did cardio and some weights, and was very pleased that I hadn't taken a step back with respect to my conditioning (although I did gain a couple of pounds on vacation).

Today, with the meaningfulness of their gift to empower me, I started my running training. I ran/walked two miles in under 30 minutes. My goal for the 13.1 is to finish, but I would like to finish in about 3:20....or, about 15 minute miles (4.0 MPH). I can likely walk 4.0 miles per hour, but I'd like to get some running in, as well.

Through this process, I'm learning that I am a guy that has to have goals. This seems to really motivate me for things that I don't necessarily want to do - like get up early to go work out. My main goal is to raise as much money as possible for this water project. If you haven't donated, would you please consider visiting my page and making a donation?

((( Click here to get to my fundraising page )))

Your donation will be meaningful in several will help me get psyched for training, but much more importantly, it will provide life giving water to those that have so much less than we have.

Thanks for your prayers and support.


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Travis Erwin said...

Hey Scott. I wish I could donate but I'm involved in a literacy group that buys books for kids and promotes reading so all my focus is there at the moment, but I wish you a ton of luck and motivation.