Monday, December 12, 2011

My Thoughts (and Legs) Are Racing For More

I'm thinking of more. My heart is screaming for more. It's probably a good thing, since there is so much more to do.

I've been talking to Paul at World Vision on what we could do in 2012. I am thinking of something big...bigger than just 13.1 miles and $3,000. There is so much more to do and I want to do more to meet that need. I was thinking, could I raise $5,000? How about do a couple of races and raise $10,000. Then, it struck me - what about three 13.1 races next year? I think I could do that. Basically, it means training all year with no significant down time.

Now, I just needed to figure out how much I can raise and how I was going to do that...

Then, the World Vision gift catalog arrived in the mail.

The catalog is simple and wonderful. It is full of various items that can be purchased and delivered to the recipient. Although you don't get to select the recipient, you are secure that it is going to someone that needs help. Last year, the kids chose presents for others from the catalog...they chose gifts that meant something to them and they knew that the value of the gift would be taken from the budget put away for their own gifts. It was rewarding watching them chose gifts for others. If memory serves, they chose water, clothing, bibles, and livestock.

As I thumbed through the catalog, I noticed the page for a deep water well. The description reads,

Pray. That's the first thing that our well-drilling teams do when they come to a thirsty community. They take their work seriously, because they know that dirty water and poor sanitation are major contributors to the deaths of about 1.5 million children every year.

1.5 million children dying from preventable disease and diarrhea. Children dying because they don't have access to clean water. It seems so senseless, especially in the knowledge that I can get virtually unlimited clean water just by walking about 20 feet from the computer from which I am typing this message.

The description continues,

Help one of our teams drill a deep well and fit it with a hand pump. One well can provide 2,800 gallons for safe, life-sustaining water every day for up to 300 people.

Your gift will save lives for years to come, and help transform an entire community.

As I finished reading the description, I knew I found my goal. I didn't care about the price. I DON'T care about the price. All I knew is that this is what I was looking for, and I didn't need to pray about it for confirmation. I'm going to run to provide a deep water well.

I don't know how I am going to raise $13,700.00. Given the wonderful generosity of some many for the 2011 effort, I feel somewhat reluctant to ask for more. All I know is that this is a worthy, wonderful thing to work for and that I all have to do is train and run.

I trust that God will work on softening hearts.

Be a part of something that will leave a legacy. Allow God to soften your heart towards generosity to those who need what we commonly waste. Be a part of something that will transform a community and save lives for years.

What could be more important?

I will be posting more information and my fundraising page in January. In the meantime, I would appreciate your prayers for this effort and my training.

Thanks for taking this journey with me.


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