Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another Year...More Saved Lives

I've been struggling with how I wanted to thank you for your support...

I'm overwhelmed that so many have given so much to my cause this year...

As I reminisce on my races this year, I invariably end up thinking about our sponsored children in Katito, Kenya.  I think about how their faces showed the gratitude of our support for them, how their parents couldn't believe that they were loved from afar and how so many cared enough for them to help support the water projects that World Vision had undertaken.

Ultimately, I think about all of the children and adults we met that thanked us for helping improve their lives so significantly with something that we consider so insignificant - if we consider it at all - the availability of clean water.  (Click on the video below to see my message filmed after we commissioned a borehole in Kenya)

I wish I could have helped raise a million dollars, but I know without a doubt that even $5,700 can have a very significant impact on those we wish to help.

So, I say 'THANK YOU'.  Thank you to all of you who supported my fundraising this year.  YOU are the reason I get up to run.  YOU are the reason that I finished five half marathons this year.  YOU are the reason that people have clean water.  These people are families - real men, women, and children - many of whom I have met, laughed with, danced with, sung with, hugged and continue to love today.

Their lives have been changed for the better and you are the change agent.

Thank you for your support and go to bed tonight knowing that you have helped changed the world and have made it a better place for many.

Thank you and God Bless you.

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