Sunday, December 03, 2006


I am in the middle of a four hour layover in Frankfurt, Germany and I am bored. I mean really, really bored. I usually take the direct flight to Delhi from Chicago, but my company had an opportunity to save $1800 by putting me on Lufthansa flights (Dallas to Frankfurt and Frankfurt to Delhi).

I am starting out on a 21-day Asia trip that will take me to three cities in India (Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore); Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Manila, Philippines; and Shanghai and Beijing, China. Oh - I'll also have an evening in Tokyo as a layover on my way home.

This is the longest that I'll be away from Angie and the kids and I'm dreading this trip. I have 20 vendor evaluation visits to perform while I'm on the road. Mostly, I'll be doing two a night while I'm here.

I did want to share an offer I received the day before I left. I have a great friend (whom shall remain nameless to protect his man-card) that offered to do Christmas shopping for me while I'm away. How awesome is that? The worst thing a guy could have to do...and he offered to do it for me as I wouldn't have time. That is a true friend. Thanks, Bob...ooops!

I'll keep the blog up to date about my travels...


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Michele said...

well I have a few ideas on how to stay unbored....(1) make a Christmas List...(Santa may read your blog)...(2) make a what I want my Chef sister to cook when she visits the end of the month...(I am pretty sure I will read your blog)...(3) make a what and where to take my sister when she visits us in Dallas list(I am in your quite capable hands and am totally open to whatever ya'all decide. I think that these 3 things should keep you busy for a few minutes at least. Have a safe trip!! I cant wait to get there- I am counting down the days- 22 to go whohooooo!
Love ya bro---