Friday, February 16, 2007

Sick of being sick!

I haven't posted a lot of late, and there are several reasons for that. 1) I haven't had a lot going on. For sure, work is starting to move and it has been excellent so far. I am really enjoying the company and am looking forward to really getting things done. The last couple of weeks have been product training, getting my feet wet, meeting people, etc. Next week, in which I'll be in Raleigh, is when things will really start to accelerate. 2) Everyone in my house has been sick for either part, or all, of the last two weeks - and it hasn't been fun. The only living things in my house that haven't been sick have been ME and the DOG!

Angie started with strep two weeks ago. She got medicated, and then instantly got the flu. She is still ill, and only now starting to come back. She's really been knocked on her butt, and frankly - when momma is sick, everybody is sick. It is amazing how many things don't get done when she's not doing them. I really take her contribution for granted and when she can't do her deal, I really notice it. I wish it wouldn't take her being sick for me to understand that!!!

Justin had a couple of days of the flu, but is over that now. Dylan had it come on, but he was able to fight it off. Marissa had a stomach virus that morphed into strep. She's doing better now, but I felt really bad for her as she puked her guts out one early morning. Cassie had strep, but got over that pretty quick.

Basically, the only one still out is Angie. Pray for her, as she is more sick of being sick than I am of her being sick.

Oh, yeah, by the way - I think I'm coming down with a sore throat.


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Michele said...

Glad to hear the new job is going well. Was wondering why you hadnt posted anything and I didnt want to bother you with emails or phone calls. You should get an apartment in Raleigh this way us Eastcoasters can come down n visit...since its really a hop skip and a jump away...and btw congrats on your new firearm!! Get well wishes to everyone and Love to All xox