Monday, November 26, 2007

Duckless in Dallas

Why would anyone in their right mind get up at 1:30 in the morning?

The answer is to ensure that you get a great spot on the Brazos River for some duck hunting. Dylan, his dad, and I went duck hunting this Saturday. I was very much looking forward to it as their spot near the dam on the Brazos has always brought them good success. I hadn't been there before and didn't bag a duck last season, so I was looking forward to getting my first.

The hunting spot is more than 2 hours away, so you gotta get up early in the morning to get there, get to your spot (before anyone else), set up your decoys and wait for sun up.

We got to the river a little past 4:30am, and got to our spot around 5. By the time everything was set we had about an hour's wait until lawful shooting could begin. It was cloudy, cold and drizzling, but really beautiful. As the sun came up, you could see the hills, trees, water, etc. It was just really beautiful, and nothing what I expected. I'm not used to hills in is pretty flat, but there were amazing rock formations and forest covered hills where ever I looked. If it weren't raining and cloudy, it would have been perfect.

It would have been perfect even with the rain if the ducks were flying, but we didn't see a one. We sat for several hours as it got colder (37 degrees on a bank clock as we drove home), tried to call some in, but we never did see one.

I can't wait to go back, though. Even if the hunting is lousy, the surroundings were just awesome.



April said...

People think I'm crazy for getting up so early in the morning for Black Friday shopping. After reading your blog, I think I see a little of their perspective. It all depends on whether or not you're doing something you love, I guess. I love shopping, so it's not crazy to me. You love hunting, so it's not crazy to you.

Scott Lessard said...

Great point. That being said, I do think you are crazy! Not for getting up early, but for braving those crowds.

I know this doesn't apply to you, but when I see video of people trampling over others and fighting for the last ninja barbie with the kung-fu grip, I think that is a little image of all that is wrong with this country.

Maybe I'll blog about it.