Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Amazing Justini

He’s back performing his greatest trick…reappearing.

Last night, Angie and the kids helped move Justin back home. This is the fourth time he is returning, but unlike the previous three, this one is with my blessing.

He’s a different young man now that he’s been away from home for a year - a year in which he completely took care of himself. He paid rent for his small, but nice, apartment near Lake Ray Hubbard. He’s paid his car payment and insurance during this time. In fact, other than some tuition help, he’s taken care of all of his needs and wants for the last year. In order to do this, he’s worked his butt off. He commonly works 50+ hours at Pizza Hut, managing, driving, cooking, and generally doing whatever needs to be done.

The experience has changed him, too.

The change in him has been dramatic. He’s more responsible. He’s not afraid of hard work. Ultimately, he’s come to understand that sometimes we need to forgo the things we want because of the things we need. At the end of the day, that’s one of my definitions of maturity. Personally, I think he’s come to understand that his mom and I aren’t the monsters he thought we were when he left twelve months ago.

This is really the reason why we entertained him when he said he was thinking of coming back. Our relationships have improved during his time away…He is more pleasant to his mom and I, and we have really come to enjoy his company because of it. He’s funny, amazingly musically talented, and smart. The kids adore him, too.

The plain truth is that we are proud of what he is becoming…

And, if we can help him become whatever that is, we will. His objective is to come home so he can reduce his expenses. By doing this, he can work less and go to school more. This will allow us to add him back to our medical insurance. While he’s here, he will pay a small rent and help out around the house (he agreed to own the lawns as part of his rent). We’ll help him get his community college done as his long-term goal is to get into the music program at UNT.

I’m just proud he has a goal.

That’s the best trick he’s performed yet.


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