Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A (Wii) Fit With Technology

I just finished reading an article about a company who makes heart sensors to work wirelessly with the iPhone to track heart rate during workouts. Their apps allow you to track workouts and workout intensity. It's amazing how technology and biology continue to meld. Interestingly enough, I started working out this week in my living room following my Mii on the TV. Angie and I bought Wii Fitness based on the numerous endorsements we received from family and friends. We've been playing with it all weekend and today Angie and I figured we might as well step up our play.

I've done 30+ minute sessions of yoga, strength exercises and aerobics. Surprisingly, I was sweating pretty good at the end of the workouts. The yoga is surprisingly hard. I've typically stayed away from yoga because, 1) it looks doofy and 2) I'm not a subscriber of the spiritual aspect. However, I have been real surprised how difficult it is. I did Warrior, Sun Salutation, and tried Tree. My legs were burning. I loved it and can't wait to get better at it and more flexible because of it.

I did upper body, abdominal, and leg strength training. Pushups, jackknives, and lunges. Even though the workouts only took a couple of minutes each I could feel the burn. I'm feeling pretty spent right now.

Lastly, I ended with a couple of balance games (for fun) and with a run. Running in place with my Mii keeping up with a pace coach was a lot tougher than I thought it would be. Combined with the scores that you receive for each event, there is a competitive aspect that I find appealing, as well.

Ultimately, I don't know if you'd call the workouts we are getting as real strenuous. I do know, however, that it is getting us of the couch, getting us to move our bodies, get our heart rates up and getting a good sweat on. Perhaps this will be a good reintroduction to exercise and perhaps an improvement in the quality and length of our lives.

Either way, it is pretty fun.



ChefMichele said...

Kudos to you and Angie!! Told ya so!! I think the Hula Hoop is the best, but I think its all good. Unfortunately I dont get the den too often to get on as much as I like. I recently bought Biggest Loser Bob''s bootcamp workout, and let me tell ya, the 5 min warmup is exhausting. The 20 min workout is a blast and goes so fast. Its over before I know it, although I curse Trainer Bob thru most of it. I have also bought TurboJamMax. Its a combination of kickboxing, dance and all core workout. I need to change it up a bit, so I like the diversity. Keep it up, if nothing else it will give you more energy and you will have less of an appetite for things we dont need. I heard you can play wii with someone on a different system, is that true? Wanna race?

Zyem Ahmedarino said...

an ew way to work out LOL