Monday, April 06, 2009

Play Ball

About this time two years ago, I posted about a Springtime ritual...Opening day for Major League Baseball.

I love baseball. I love everything about it. I truly think it is the perfect game. The dimensions have never changed....there is something special about the baseball field (diamond) where there is 90 feet between bases or 60 feet 6 inches from the pitching rubber to home plate. Four balls for a walk or three strikes for an out seems to be the perfect ratio....Ultimately, the fact that there is no clock, and that the game isn't over, "'till the fat lady sings" is part of its perfection.

I understand that the game has been marred by the widespread cheating that occurred during the "steroid era". I agree that this has tarnished much of the history of baseball during this time. This is unfortunate because history is part of what makes baseball so special - in fact, it may be history which fuels my passion for the game. Previous to this era, you could realistically compare achievements of old with achievements of new. My heart holds a special place for the debate as to who was the greatest <<>>. The great thing about the debate is that you could compare two players from different eras because their was a continuity in the numbers. AND, that there really is no right or wrong.

I really enjoy the strategy of baseball, as well. Hit and run, sacrifice bunt, moving the runners, taking an extra base, hitting the cutoff, etc. It's the small things that cumulatively result in wins for a team over the marathon that is the Major League Baseball season of 162 games.

Perhaps my love for the game ultimately stems from the fact that it is played in summer, and that it starts during a season of renewal. Springtime is a period where everything begins anew...the flowers, wildlife, and my chosen team's chance of winning the pennant.

Today is opening day, so Let's Go Mets!


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Jeff Radighieri said...

Hey man--

Nice blog! Lots of interesting poignant posts. I never took you to be so intelligent! Ok, just kidding about that part.

Regarding your earlier post about Jeter and Wright...I always knew you were a closet Yankees fan!!!