Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Stress Test to Me

An aunt tells me that I just entered my fifth decade. I think that somehow I really started a new beginning. I spent the beginning of my birthday strapped to a heart monitor dissolving Nitro and getting a battery of tests on my heart.

I hadn't been feeling great all weekend, having suffered a couple of bouts of shortness of breath, profuse sweating and chills. None of them lasted very long, so I basically committed to visiting my doctor when I had an opportunity.

I had a very early flight scheduled for Monday morning, so I went to bed early on Sunday night. However, I could never really get comfortable, I felt "off" and then the chest pains began. Not bad pain, but a dull squeezing sensation that never went away. I postponed my flight for the evening and tried to get a couple of hours of sleep. As the day progressed, the pain remained, but it was when I had another episode like that from the weekend, I called my doctor. As expected, when I mentioned chest pain, he said to get to the ER immediately. I did.

EKG, blood work, Nitro pills and an extensive history had the doctor thinking I might have had a clot from my leg. The did a sonogram on my leg and a cat scan on my chest. Both checked out OK. They decided to admit me, but had not beds, so I basically lay in the ER until about 1am. Angie stayed with me the whole time and a good bud came up to visit and pray. The next day, some more blood work and a stress test proved that my heart is fine. They discharged me at noon today and I've been resting since. I will take a day off of work to continue that rest.

So, my birthday mystery is that we don't know what set me off, but Angie is already beating me up to exercise more and to eat less and more healthy. Being sent to the ER on your 40th is a real wake up call, one in which I don't plan on pressing the 'snooze' button.

Besides the motivation behind getting health Angie gave me my present which gives me about six months to get into shape. More on that tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers, well wishes, and birthday wishes...


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Vicki said...

OMG Scott, how scary. I'm sooo sorry I wish I had known, but will be def. praying for you guys. What an odd b-day huh?, but maybe just the wake up call we could ALL pay a little attention too. I've been meaning too eat better and exercise more since my 40th and haven't started yet..........don't think I'll hit the snooze button any longer either. Ya'll are in our prayers.......Vicki and kids