Saturday, May 16, 2009

Red Hot Poker

I'm not sure why, but I have gotten very much into poker lately. It may come from the small cash tournament that I won several weeks ago. Since then, I've been playing online a lot, AND winning a lot.

I know that the chips are not real money, but there has to be something to the fact that every 'sit-and-go' tournament I am in, I am among the top, if I don't win outright. Even Angie seems on board with me playing - not the fact that I'm on the computer playing, but that I seem to be pretty good at it. She's telling me that Justin and I should to go Choctaw and enter one of their cash games. She's also making plans for us to go back to Vegas with her sister and her husband so we can play some poker.

I think that what really has her convinced is that I entered an online World Series of Poker qualifying event at It was a free entry qualifying tournament where the top 10 got to play for a paid entry into the WSOP's Main Event (a seat that costs $10,000.00). There were almost 7,300 entries into the qualifier that started at midnight. About an hour and a half later, I had won my table. After waiting for all of the 1000 tables to finish, we started another. Another 90 minutes later, I had won that table. By now, there are 10 tables of 10 players was also 4am by now. I ended up getting knocked out from that table, but I ended up in 71st place out of 7,233 players. That's pretty good and would have been in the money in any tournament.

As I crawled into bed at 5am Angie asked me where I had been all night. I told her and she shook her head at me like I was some kind of dummy...

I might be, but I bet she wouldn't be shaking her head if I was handing her a wad of cash.



Robin said...

Angie, shake your head at yo' man, then slap him upside the head! Yes, Scott, you put up some good numbers, but those are the only ones that signed up on the same website that you did!!!! Not sayin' you not a gambla....or a playa....but ya know??? (repeat it with me Angie..."if it sounds too good to be real....) I know...I'm such a fun hater...and I haul shit for a living so don't listen to me!!! MIssed you guys by the way...!

Travis Erwin said...

I'm a fairly avid poker player though I haven't had the time to play in months. Sounds like you have some skills.