Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Burrito Bleakness

I'm a big guy. You only have to have read this blog a couple of times to know that I am in need of losing serious weight. As such, it should be no surprise to anyone that I enjoy a good meal. Once in a while I have a real hankering for something. Starting yesterday, that hankering focused on a steak burrito from Chipotle.

I think Chipotle (pronounced: chi-POTE-lay) is the most amazing thing wrapped into a sixteen inch flour tortilla.

I was introduced to Chipotle when I ran the security operations center at McAfee. They were a customer and the engineers that worked for me LOVED the place. I think that's why they had to visit the store weekly, in person, to reconfigure the routers. That work could have been done remotely, but then there would have been no steak, chicken, barbacoa, or other meats shoved into a large tortilla with black beans, cilantro rice, guacamole, cheese, lettuce and a selection of salsas ranging from the mild roasted corn to the very hot tomatillo red.

Just typing up the description above makes my mouth water.

However, as I chowed down on my celebratory post colon-/endo- scopy burrito, I shared the experience with Angie and Justin, both of which are not only picky eaters, but have not really been acquainted with Chipotle. As they dissembled their burritos, I knew it was going to be a weird meal. Any experienced Chipotle-aphile knows you never unwrapped the foil around the burrito. The roll it down as you eat so everything stays together.

Next, both of my lunch companions began to open op their burrito. I nearly fell off my chair. Angie's had tomatoes which she does not eat. She was the victim of a poorly placed order. Justin was just looking for the chicken. He didn't care for the rice, the beans, or the roasted corn salsa. I just shook my head and ate in silence. Justin took my silence as though I didn't enjoy my meal. Not at all. I just couldn't understand why they didn't enjoy theirs.

So, I finished my burrito as quickly as possible and departed the scene. I did, however, learn a couple of lessons. The most important is to never eat Chipotle with people that special order from McDonalds. Next time I have a craving, I'll go alone.


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Justin said...

ummm i don't special order from mcdonalds...i DON'T ORDER from Mcdonalds! and the bowl of cereal i had after the meal was much better than the burrito. thanks bye =)