Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Custom Jersey - Dig It! Get It?

The jerseys are almost here.

I've "borrowed" the Love design from last year's jersey and have made it my own by adding my "Digging Deep" design on the back. Although I think it's clever, it really shows that I have no future in marketing. What I lack in quality, however, I made up in quantity, as I've ordered 75 jerseys to help with my fundraising.

Besides being practical for a jersey (it's made from 100% polyester), it's a one-of-a-kind custom and you can get 'em for yourself.

For every $100 in donation that you give, I will get you one jersey.

If you make a $200 donation, you are entitled to two jerseys.

If you make a $50 donation, you get my very sincere thanks and peace of mind knowing that you helped provide water and save lives in Africa. If you make another, second donation, for $50 you get a jersey.

This, of course, is while supplies last. I would love to have to make a second order for jerseys. That would be a wonderful problem to have.

So, make a donation and tell me your size. I have everything from adult small to 4XL.

[[[ Click here to donate ]]]

And, wear your jersey and show your support to one of the races.


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