Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Begging It Forward

In less than four days I will be standing at the back corral inching my way up to the start line of the NYC 13.1 half marathon. It will take about three minutes to get to the start line, but it will seem like an eternity. I am very nervous about the race and have no doubt that my nerves will continue to suffer until I cross that line...then my mind will clear and I will begin a three plus hour adventure.

Because I am close to my first race day, I have be increasing my communication trying to drum up donations. I am at 12% of my audacious goal of $13,700.00. I know that even if everyone who donated last year tripled their donations (basically repeating their donation from last year for every race this year) I would still be short $4,000.00.

However, something interesting has been happening in the last week...it started with my Aunt Carole who indicated she would donate $25 to my effort. Along with her donation, I received two $25 donations from people who's names were familiar to me, but of whom I couldn't honestly claim knowledge. I came to learn they are friends of my Aunt Carole. She had forwarded my fundraising e-mail to her friends and colleagues.

And, they responded in amazingly generous ways, to the tune of $260.00 in total donations.

Today, Angie and my sister Michele shared my link with personal requests for help.

It occurs to me that this is the only way I can reach my goal. Through your generosity, but also through your courage to forward my request to others for their help.

So, make your donation today by clicking the link below. And, when you are done, post my link to your Facebook page, e-mail it to colleagues, pick up the phone...whatever. Just beg it forward and let's help save lives by giving the gift of clean safe water.

[[[ Click here to donate now ]]]

Remember, for each $100 donated you are eligible for a custom made 2012 Jersey in World Vision orange in your size. And, every donation of $15, or more, until the race on Saturday enters you into a raffle to win a pair of World Vision orange shoe laces.

Thanks for your support and for your asking others to help, as well.


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