Sunday, April 15, 2012

Laces and Shirts

I've been neglectful in posting another entry. There has been so much going on I had to schedule time to write this, but with so much going on there is so much to update.

First off, we are getting close to our trip to Katito, Kenya. Visas are complete, shopping has started and gifts are being purchased. The team has met several times to talk about the trip, design our logo and learn songs, but most importantly to get to know each other better. I am psyched about our team and what we are going to experience together. I can't wait to share those stories with everyone who has been following my journey of fundraising for clean water.

Second, the first race went amazingly well as I shared here. The second is all planned. Angie and I leave for Chicago the day before the race. It will be strange as it will be just us. I am nervous about this one...I haven't worked out since the last race, although I will start again today.

Lastly, I randomly selected a winner of the World Vision shoe laces. Our winner is Angie Moore, a colleague of mine from Raleigh. Thank you to everyone who donated for the first race, and congratulations to Angie. Hopefully you have a pair of running shoes that you can put the laces on, and know that your support has helped save lives.

For the second race I will give my World Vision "I Care. And So I Run." t-shirt. I received this shirt for raising $1310. Everyone who donates $25 between the first race and the next race (June 9) will be eligible to win it. I will select someone randomly and send the shirt to the winner.

Speaking of shirts, if you have made a donation of $100, you are eligible for one of my jerseys in your size (while supplies last). I will be in contact for your size and start sending them out or delivering.

If you have donated less than $100, now might be a great time to make another donation to get to that amount. If you total $100, I'll send you a jersey. So, if you've donated $50 already, think about another $50 donation. It will get you a race jersey and will enter you in the drawing for the World Vision tee.

And, as always, thank you so much for your support.


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