Saturday, May 25, 2013

Child Protection

This coming week begins a busy period for this year's fundraising for Child Protection with World Vision.

On Monday, I will run my second half marathon of the year.  I will be running the hilly Rockwall Patriot Half.  I'm less concerned with my time, and more concerned with what I've been warned as a very hilly course.

On Tuesday night, we have our first New York Marathon conference call with the World Vision leadership team and fellow runners from all over the country to get more details about the Child Protection initiative for which we are fund-raising.

And, I continue to train and diet.  There are only 23 weeks remaining until the NYC Marathon, and I have a long way to go.

While I work at getting ready for the biggest challenge of my life, won't you please consider a generous donation to the cause to help protect children from exploitation, abuse, and despair?

Click here to visit my fund raising page and make a difference in children's lives.

Click here to view my four minute video on how I got involved in World Vision.  When I started my selfish goal was to change me, but I ended up changing in ways I never imagined...

And, as always, thank you for your support.


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