Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Why Child Protection

The day after a very successful Patriot Half Marathon in Rockwall, my legs are very sore.  But, my heart aches even more.

We recently completed our first Team World Vision NYC Marathon team call.  This call was to allow all of the runners to introduce themselves and learn more about World Vision's Child Protection project.  Child Protection is a five-year initiative to help children who are in the most vulnerable situations.  The nature of the call, and the need for help for this children is enough to break your heart - and it did mine.

I am running with Team World Vision to raise money to help fund all of the incredible work that they are doing helping these children.  The project is focused on three primary areas: Prevention, Protection, and Restoration.

The project aims to help children from sex trafficking and other predatory labor practices, from early and forced marriage, from warfare and child soldiering, from female genital mutilation, from abuse stemming from a disability, from the scourge of gang violence and includes a special project to protect them from child sacrifice.  Just typing the list conjures up images of unspeakable evil in this world, and through your help we can help the more than two and a half million children who are at risk.

I will continue to provide more information about this initiative, my fund raising and my training, but would you please make a generous donation to help fund this most worthwhile cause?  Don't wait for the marathon in November.  Make one today.

*** Click here to make a donation and save a child today ***

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