Friday, April 14, 2006

"Cassie, did you cry?"

"Daddy, did you smoke?"

These two questions are the beginning of most exchanges between Cassie and I these days.

You see, Cassie has started crying again when we drop her off at school, church, whatever. For some reason that we haven't been able to determine, Cassie is going through separation anxiety again. She hadn't done it for years, but for the last 6 weeks or so, she cries real bad when we try to drop her off.

So, about a week ago, I came in from having a cigarette, and she told me that I stunk and needed to stop. She doesn't understand the health implications, just that daddy smelled bad. I can understand that. I told her that I would stop smoking if she stopped crying when we dropped her off. I don't exactly remember how we made a connection there, but it made sense at the time. She said she'd try real hard and I told her I'd do the same.

So - for a week or so, we've both been answering 'Yes' to our respective questions. I've been smoking and she's been crying. However, that changed yesterday. For the first time, and I answered 'No' to the question when Cassie asked me. I could tell she was expecting 'Yes', and was pleased not to get it.

Now that I blogged about it, I can't hide it. I've quit smoking, and ask that you help keep me accountable. Pray for me, and also for Angie and the kids, I'm going to be a jerk for the next couple of weeks (months). She'll need your sympathy. Also for Cassie. She needs to answer 'No' to her question, too.

I'll keep up with my progress on the blog. ***STARTING DAY 2***


Paul Lessard said...

so this is like what, the 10th time you quit smoking?

Scott Lessard said...

more than that, my supportive little troll.

Angie said...

Better to have tried and not succeeded than to not have tried at all!! Something like that ;)

Keep up the hard work baby!!! I'm pulling for ya, stinky.