Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Daddy who? Who is this strange man?

I've blogged before about how fortunate I have been to have done some business travel to some interesting areas. I look back at some of the places I've been and am struck that a bozo like me gets paid to go to different places. I've always enjoyed the travel, particularly to new places, even though business travel is not nearly as glamorous as you might think. Hours on planes and in airports can get pretty old, pretty quick.

I've been fortunate that I don't have to travel nearly as much as I used to, so it means that I am home much more than I have been. That's a good thing, since it lets me be with Angie and the kids more than otherwise.

However, it seems like my travel is cyclical. I can go a month or two without as much as a one day trip, and then I get weeks where I seem to be on the road all the time. I've just begun one of those travel periods.

Week1 - I am in Half Moon Bay in California. It is absolutely beautiful here, and we are staying at the Ritz Carlton on the ocean for a sales offsite. Will be home Friday night.

Week2 - I will be flying to Buenos Aires, Argentina for a day and a half site visit. Basically, 20 hours on planes for 10 hours work. At least it is somewhere new, and leaves just Africa as the unvisited continent (and Antarctica, but I won't count that). I should have taken advantage of a Capetown, South Africa trip back when we had an account there.

Week3 - I'm actually home AND on vacation studying for a calculus final. Will be nice to reaquaint with the family.

Week4 - India! Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai in one week. I am flying the new American Airlines Chicago to Delhi flight. 18 hours in coach. At least I get the 7500 miles.

Week5 - Manila, Philippines. More site visits as I spend 4 days in Manila. I will be arriving back in Dallas on Thursday afternoon.

Friday (week5) - SLEEP and reintroducing myself to the kids.

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