Monday, April 30, 2007

It's a Keeper

If you track my blog, you are aware of my frustration from not catching a fish in Lake Ray Hubbard (or any lake in Texas, for that matter.) We live near the above named lake, and I often go to the banks at Lakeside Park to cast my line. Typically, I go for catfish, as you can basically cast, relax and wait, and hopefully pull in the big one when you get a bite. However, my experience has previously just ended at "wait".

All that ended this weekend, when Dylan and his dad invited me to do some late night fishing from their boat. Dylan's dad has a small bass boat, and he is a very good angler, typically catching several fish on his outings. Dylan shares stories of their success and I had wanted to try my luck with them for some time.

Some may think that it is weird that I can hang out with my wife's ex-husband - we've gone hunting several times together, as well. I think it is good for Dylan, and the truth is that Dan and I get along fine. As we fished we talked about work, the kids, etc...he even made fun of my lack of success with the rod and reel. It was a good night.

My frustration continued however. As Dan pulled in several catfish, and a very large drum fish, I got nothing - until I reeled in a 8 inch stripe bass. That's way to small to keep, but I finally actually caught a fish. After good natured ribbing about the size of my fish, and about a 3 and a half hour wait, I finally had another bite. I reeled in and had my first keeper - a 14 inch channel catfish. We threw it in the live tank and continued for a couple of more hours.

I only caught the one, but I had a great time, and learned a little more about fishing. Dan instructed me on how to clean it, and we'll eat it someday soon. How did I know which one in the live tank was mine, I asked Dan, and he said "it's the small one!"

At least there was one in there that was mine.


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