Monday, May 07, 2007

Getting Under Control

I've had a very hard time starting this blog entry. I've started it several times over the last couple of days, but have never really gotten anywhere with it - ultimately, I've decided to just type what comes to my mind, and not worry about whether it makes sense or is "good" writing. All I've had is the title, so I'll try from there.

Have you noticed that things in life are cyclical? Do (or don't do) one thing and it leads to another and another. If you are paying attention, you can look at item 10 and work it all the way back to number 1. And at some point, you might end up at number 1 again. Bear with me, and I'll try to explain what the heck I'm talking about.

A couple of entries ago, I spoke about how I was going on a spiritual journey. That our church was beginning a capital campaign to build a larger worship space and that I saw this as an opportunity for spiritual growth, not to make a financial decision. I continued to feel this way, and looking back, I can see that I was right. This is my Number 1....a spiritual journey to try to learn how to trust God more.

This has led to my #2...spending more time in scripture, prayer and contemplation. I've done this daily for a couple of weeks now, and have learned a great deal about myself, the Lord, and my relationship with Him.

#3 - I've come to the conclusion that it is time for me to quit smoking...ok, how did I get from daily time with God to quitting smoking? We are in a capital campaign, and I've come to the conclusion that the money I spent on smoking would be better spent on helping more people come to know Christ. Therefore, $20 twice a month, has been earmarked as part of our giving. I haven't purchased cigarettes in a week, and have only had two in that time...this week, my goal is zero.

#4 - knowing full well that I will get EVEN FATTER now that I've quit smoking if nothing else changes, I've decided to begin my diet again - and have begun working out. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical this morning at the gym, and started tracking my diet on

#5 - I feel so good about myself, where I'm going, my relationship with God, with Angie and the kids, etc. This has had the effect of wanting MORE OF IT...and this means continued time with God - as in numbers 1 and 2 above.

That's the cycle I am in right now - and I sure would like it to continued. Ask me how I'm doing...


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