Monday, May 28, 2007

Beyond Birthday Boat Blog

Now that my birthday is over, I've begun working on Angie for a fishing boat. Nothing too extravagant, just something that would allow me to get onto the lake and get beyond the frustration of not catching anything from the shore and the added frustration of losing tackle in the grass that surrounds the shore.

I think I may finally have her leaning in my direction, too. You see, the kids gave me a deep fryer for my birthday. Dylan had interpreted my comments one day at Bass Pro about wanting to deep fry a future wild turkey kill as my wanted a fryer. Not only was I touched regarding his thoughtfulness, I though the small fryer was a good present. We can fry up chicken wings, shrimp, you name it.

Yesterday, Angie and I decided to do just that...we fried up the catfish from my fishing expedition with Dylan and his dad. We had maybe 4 or 5 good filets and several smaller nugget size pieces. Angie bought a corn meal fish batter mix, and we were off. She made hush puppies, and I fried up the catfish.

Now, I am not a huge fan of catfish. Restaurant catfish is typically farm raised and not nearly as "gamey" as their wild counterparts. For this reason, I was real reluctant to eat my fried fish. In fact, I told Angie if I didn't like it I might give up on fishing altogether.

We'll we fried it up, and frankly, it was excellent. Not gamey or fishy at all. In fact, we thought that the batter mix was a little bland if anything. We are definitely looking forward to my success with the rod and reel to eat some more.

Since Angie loves catfish and I think that this is a viable meal for us going forward, I think she's "on board" with the boat idea (pun intended). In fact, I caught her looking for boats online yesterday.


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Michele said...

Hope the boat is big enough at least to hold a couple of people, since you have some relatives from NY who would love to go out with ya!!! ( me for one ). Next time add some Old Bay seasoning to the batter, maybe a pinch of Cayenne pepper, or even just add a little salt. You can even add some beer for alot of flavor and remember the alcohol cooks off soooo you are just adding alot of flavor. LOL. Tell Angie to email me those hush puppies recipe ( love hush puppies ) Love ya'all