Saturday, June 02, 2007

Lots of travel

I spent this last week on the road, totaling six flights and three different cities. The good thing about the travel was that these were three cities I've never been to (Orlando, San Antonio, and Sioux City - I have been to Orlando, but never venturing off the Magic Kingdom might not count). The bad news was that it was work with little down time.

This week of travel starts four weeks where I will be on the road except for the weekends. A total of 21 flights and 9 different cities will be covered. Again, most will be new cities, but all will be work.

When I travel a lot like this, I am typically more mindful of my time with the kids and more open to some of Angie's ideas around family outings - today is a good example. We were supposed to be camping at Lake Whitney State Park, but the threat of severe thunderstorms kept us away. (I don't believe it actually ever rained - it's been rather pleasant, instead). Since we didn't camp, we decided to do a little outdoor activities. Angie suggested we go sit outside at the restaurant at Bass Pro (right on the lake) and have desert for dinner. We did and ate brownie sundaes and chocolate chip cookie sundaes. The kids washed them down with Shirley Temples. We had lots of fun and it was very pleasant. We then went to a park right on the shores of Lake Ray Hubbard and fished, sat and talked, threw around the football and had fun. Cassie and her friend Grant played together while Marissa, Dylan and I fished. Angie shared time with both sets of kids. Marissa caught a large snapping turtle and Dylan caught a small catfish. We had a great time. Cassie even fished a little, so we think we might have to go get some kiddie poles.

All in all, we had a great time spending some time with the kids. Considering I won't be seeing much of them over the course of June, I better make every moment count.


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