Sunday, June 17, 2007

What a Father's Day

Cassie couldn't wait to give it to me, and asked throughout dinner if I was ready for my present. I wasn't because I was so enjoying the dinner that Angie and her mom cooked for me (fried chicken cutlets, mash potatoes, green beans, salad). Ultimately, however, Cassie's enthusiasm became infectious, so I told her I was ready.

She told me to close my eyes - and BANG, it was right in front of me! I had finally gotten my bass boat. It is absolutely amazing - a two seater with two raised fishing chairs, a live well, a trawling motor, fishing pole, and net. There's nothing that it doesn't have. Funny thing is, that Angie didn't even give it to me, her mother did. What's that say?

Ok - now that I "hooked" you in - here's the deal. My boat isn't 14 feet long, it's 14 inches. It's a toy boat from Bass Pro - and it just may be the closest thing I get to ever owning my own. Maybe, but then again, maybe not.

I'm going to play in the tub!



Michele said...

Happy Fathers Day BRO!!!! I tried to call you but unfortunately my cell phone didnt get any signals from the beach today. As that is what I did from 830am this morning till dinner time tonite. It was GLORIOUS!! Made me think about last summer when ya'all came to NY and went to the beach. Did we have a blast or what? Wish you were all here with me to enjoy the beautiful weather and the really NOT SO BAD New York Beaches.... Love ya

Scott Lessard said...

Thanks, Michele. Appreciate your well wishes. I wish I was sitting on the beach too.