Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Technology - The Good...

Sometimes I am in awe of technology. I think it is just absolutely amazing how connected we are and how fast it has happened. I remember a world with no Internet. I remember a world with Bulletin Boards (BBS) on 2400 baud modems. I remember the familiar chime of a dial up connection (and having two phone lines in our home to allow me to work and talk). I remember broadband on wired connections only. I now have broadband over wireless in the home. I have a PDA that allows me to access the Internet anywhere I am at any time.

I am, by no means, a techo-junkie. In fact, I adopt new technology pretty slowly because it is too expensive. I don't have all the toys. But I do have a healthy admiration for how connected we are and how small the world has become. For instance, I am sitting in my hotel room in Ottawa, chatting with someone in India, while watching a baseball game on the Internet from Los Angeles and working on some school work with fellow students in Dallas. It doesn't matter where I am, my virtual office is in the form of an IBM/Lenovo T60 Laptop.

Another good example happened while at the airport in Chicago today. While waiting during a layover, I decided to pull out my iPod Nano and listen to a couple of podcasts. Approximately 1 in every 10 times I start it, it locks up. You can't do anything. I'm sitting there racking my brain on how to do a soft reset. I can't remember, so I pull out my Treo and browse to Google. I search for "ipod + soft reset", and voila, the instructions.

It is just so awesome being connected.


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