Thursday, February 14, 2008

Littlest Lessard - Week 6 Results

The Lessard's have hit the century mark. Can you believe there is 105 pounds less Lessard on the face of the earth? Marc has dropped half of that total, reaching an amazing 50+ pounds lost this week - but it wasn't enough to take the week. In fact, in a stunning turn of events, Marc is in LAST place this week. His slide continues.

Taking top honors for the second week in a row is ME with a loss of 8.0 pounds (2.8%). That pulls my total loss to 36 pounds (11.6%) closing that gap between myself and our overall leader. Apparently Godiva chocolate gnosh doesn't weigh as much as I feared.

Michele takes second place this week with a strong 5 pound (2.2%) loss in a good reversal from last week. Her overall loss is 17 pounds (7.2%). She attributes her loss to frantic typing used by sending e-cards.

Marc is still losing good weight, and dropped another 4.8 pounds (1.4%). He continues to be our overall leader with an amazing 52.0 pounds lost (13.0% overall). Apparently, he is only now eating 40 servings of vegetables. The Agricultural Society of Southern States (ASSeS) is boycotting him.

At this point, the pounds are still dropping and it's anyone's competition.



Michele said...

Well Done Scott and Marc. I have to say a good week for all!! CONGRATS TO US !! Lets keep up the good work everyone!! oh and by the way, did you mean Ganache? dark chocolate is actually very healthy and doesnt have as much sugar as milk chocolate, I do leave way for my indulgence, it is on Weight Watchers !!

Prashanth said...

Hey Scott,

Congrats...thats a tremendous success. I am tracking you still !


Scott Lessard said...

Thanks, Prashanth. My brother and sister would probably be amazed to know that their progress is being watched all the way from India.

I hope all is well with you and hope to get back there someday soon.


Seer said...

Wow Scott! I just took a close look at that chart. 310lbs!?! Holy smokes! Congrats on losing the 36 so far! Keep up the good work!