Thursday, February 21, 2008

Littlest Lessard - Week 7 Results

If I didn't have a problem with food or more specifically eating, I wouldn't be in this stupid competition. I'd probably be making fun of Michele and Marc for doing it while I dressed in crazy shirts (all hip-like, just like my buddy Bob - whom I make fun of for dressing that way). That being said, I had a difficult week. Besides not being disciplined with food (that damn Wingstop finally opened and is litterally 60 seconds from the house - I had it twice last week), I haven't been feeling well (that time of year in North Texas) so I haven't been working out.

No excuses. This week, I lost the battle of the bulge. But, the war isn't over. I've been relatively disciplined for the last couple of days, and went to the gym today (and worked out hard). So - although Marc has separated himself a little bit, this ain't over! Not by a longshot. And, it will be interesting to see what Marc does next week as his trial gym membership ends on Wednesday.

Marc continues his amazing string of consistency. He hasn't had a bad week yet, and that is just plain amazing...He lost an additional 3.0 pounds (0.9%) for a 7 week total of 55.0 (13.7% lost). He's got a seemingly insurmountable lead, but who knows. Anything can happen. Perhaps they'll open a Wingstop near his house.

Michele had a good week in that she didn't gain. She didn't lose, either, so compared to my week she did pretty good. Remaining at 17.0 pounds lost (7.2%) she is firmly entrenched in third and rooting for Marc all the way.

Then there is me...this weeks big loser (and I don't mean that in a good way). I GAINED 4 pounds this week (-1.5%). That puts me at a total of 32.0 pounds lost (10.3%). Although I am not throwing in the towel, I did vote for Marc to win in this week's poll. We'll see, I still think he's due for a week like mine.



Anonymous said...

Well, thankyou for your kind words. Wingstop would not deter me in my goal, however. Maybe a free giveaway from Red Lobster, but short of that, I am resolved not to have a worse week than this week's 3 pound loss. And just to let you know, I purchased the P90X fitness system ( with the resistance bands and pull up bar, and 12 incredible and varied workouts, and dietary supplements, and nutrition plan, and....
Did I mention that Bally's is considering honoring the final year of my membership- until December 31, 2008? Also, I walked the equivalent of a half marathon on Saturday (13.1 miles), out in the open air, so things are pretty good. I will keep you posted. Both of you can do this, so stay focused. This goes beyond the bet for all three of us. Love you guys, Marc

Michele said...

Awwww !! That was nice. Remember this is REAL LIFE, not some Biggest Loser campus we live in. I agree with you Marc, this goes beyond the bet and competition. This is a Lifestyle change and its going to take time. I am sooo impressed with your determination and your stregnth. Keep up the good work bro's. We can all do it. Eventually. ( We didnt get this way over nite ) There is no reason to expect changes overnite. I just finished an hour workout shoveling out 3 cars, a driveway and a walkway....good cardio and I worked up a major sweat. Now I think I will hit the balance ball and the weights....then maybe a nap!! Love you guys too!!

bob said...

I'm feeling the they way if you'd like me to go shopping with you so you can update your look and join the hip scene let me know!

Stay strong my friend!