Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Marketing and Children...

Cassie has really connected with a current commerical on TV. So much so, when she hears the music, she smiles at me. In fact, she identifies with the commercial so strongly, she made me take one of her stuffed animals on my current trip to Salt Lake City.

You see, Cassie has made me take Snowflake with me. Snowflake is her white poodle Webkin. I've been taking pictures of Snowflake in my hotel room sleeping, pictures of Snowflake working at my laptop, pictures of the mountains taken by Snowflake, and tomorrow I plan to have Snowlake drive my rental PT Cruiser for me. I don't even like poodles, and I'm not sure if Cassie is trying to tell me I travel too much.

At the end of the day, however. She's having fun with it - and so am I. I'm just amazed at how marketing and advertising can effect even unintended audiences.


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Michele said...

I LOVE that commercial....Cassie is a smart girl....I keep tellin ya that. She also has good taste. Hope your pictures are as creative as the commercials!!