Monday, November 03, 2008

Don't Shoot the Little Ones

Trent was under strict orders not to shoot the little ones.

He was leaving them for me.

I'm not surprised by this sacrifice. He is the same boy that gave Dylan and I the shot at the turkeys a couple of years ago.

You see, Trent has hunted for most of his thirteen years and has harvested many deer. Because of this, he'll only shoot at the bigger ones and he'll leave the marginal (but legal) deer for Dylan and me, for between the two of us, we not have 2.5 days deer hunting experience.

What this equates to is that Dylan and I will be happy with any legal shooter because we've never harvested a deer before.

I think that is pretty exceptional for a young man - especially because he spotted two shooters on Saturday evening. I was in one tree stand, his dad was in another, and Trent was in his tripod. We were all within proximity of the three deer feeders we have placed. The morning was pretty boring. I hunted the field in which Dylan and I saw the large buck the week before. I didn't see anything, although was started pretty good when a bird landed on the pop-up blind from which I was hunting.

After breakfast, some messing around on the lease, and a nap, I went back into the tree stand. Again, I saw nothing for the rest of the evening. I picked up Steve from his blind and we called Trent. He was watching the bucks he wasn't gonna shoot chase a doe.

We're gonna get one before too much longer. Until then, I will blog about our failure.

The crazy fact is that even after spending six or seven hours in a stand, and having to drive four hours round trip, and not seeing anything but mosquitoes and small birds, I am still loving every minute out there. Whether lost in my own thoughts or prayer, or watching small birds dart from tree to tree, or sitting motionless because of some sound behind me, I'd rather be out there than doing most other things.

If I could get Angie, Marissa and Cassie interested, I'd be in paradise


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Travis Erwin said...

I'll make my first venture on Friday.