Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Duckless No Mo

I am out in Salt Lake on business. I've been coming out here since 1998, and it is a winter wonderland. I've always loved it out here, but now that I hunt, I have a new reason.

A colleague of mine, whom I've been working with at my last two companies and his previous companies is a big hunter - he better be, his last name is Hunter.

We've been talking about shooting and hunting since I got into it. I remember, he even suggested some of the features of my shotgun. So, when he suggested a duck hunt in Utah, I new what I was going to do at some point this winter. This week is that trip.

Jeremy Hunter and his brother Robert met me at a park and ride at 5:00am. We were in the water with decoys placed by 6:45. They have a great little john boat with a blind rigged up. It really is a sweet deal. No long treks though the thigh high water and mud. This was so easy compared to the other two times I had been duck hunting.

The best part was that we saw tons of ducks. If we didn't pay attention, and often we weren't, ducks would land in the decoys without us even noticing. Had we been more attentive, we might have had 10 more ducks than the four we shot. Two of the four were mine, but only because the Hunter brothers were letting me get first try.

It was awesome. Good ducks, amazing scenery with the Wasatch mountains in the background), and excellent company.

I think I now understand the fun of duck hunting.



Travis Erwin said...

I badly want to mount a male wood duck but have never bagged one.

Angie Lessard said...

I'm amazed at my NY'er husband. Who would have thought...I'm happy for you and I'm glad you got this opportunity to hunt in Utah. I bet it was beautiful. I think I need to get back there sometime soon! :)

Scott Lessard said...

Travis...I am not into beastiality and I would request that you keep those types of comments on your own site.

Travis Erwin said...

Aren't you the comedian. There is nothing as pretty as a wood ducks. Would love to shoot one, take it to the taxidermist and have the mount to enjoy as decor.

Is that better? Should've known I'd have to go slow an explain to a dang Northerner.

Packsaddle said...

That's the best time to hunt them, at the quack of dawn.


Angie Lessard said...

You guys should go on the road together!

ChefMichele said...

Angie, being Scotts sister, I agree with you, who would have thunk this NYer would be such an outdoors kinda guy. I dont know you Travis other than your comments on Scott's posts, but if you are only finding out now he is funny, well all I can say is they say things are slower in the South. LOL. If you guys go on the road you will need a personal chef no?

Scott Lessard said...

Cool pic, Angie.

Travis - I agree, the woody is gorgeous, and I have heard they are the best eating, too. The Widgeon, the Redhead, the Teal and the Goldeneye were really something, too. In fact, all of the ducks had something about them that was amazing...coloring, beaks, eyes, etc. The one duck we didn't get was the Mallard, but we did have a flock fly right over the boat. We just missed them.

Michele - unfortunately, I'm leaving the duck meat in Utah with my hosts. Perhaps we'll get some more in Texas that we can cook up.

Soon I will post the pics and talk about some of the other stuff we saw during this hunt. Then you'll understand why this Yankee has become such an outdoors man. Now, I just need to get in shape so I can really enjoy it.