Sunday, June 25, 2006

House Cleaning

Why is it that we keep all of our junk? Are we so loath to give up any of our STUFF? It seems we just keep this crap forever, or at least until we decide that we have no more room, and then we either chuck it, try to sell it, or give it to good will. How can it be that we have so much, but still try to accumulate more and more.

Today, we spent most of the entire day cleaning house. It was a SERIOUS cleaning, especially on the second floor, where the kids bedrooms, the gameroom, and my office reside. By the end of this exercise, we had almost three full contractor-style garbage bags full of garbage. It is insane! I'm not saying that it's only the kids, either. A lot of my stuff was in those bags, too. I keep old receipts, old bills, old insurance papers, old notes from school - you name it, and I just don't throw it out.

The kids are bad, too. What makes it even worse with them, is that EVERYTHING just gets chucked to the bottom of the closets and under their beds. I am telling you, those days are over. Regular checking into the kids rooms to ensure that things stay somewhat orderly.

And me, well, I'm going to start throwing stuff out. But not that (it's important) or that (it's sentimental)....ok, this is going to take some work.


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