Friday, June 16, 2006

Tall as a Shark

Cassie's been looking forward to this week, as she was making a Father's Day craft for daddy. Like most kids, she couldn't wait until Sunday to give it to me, so she gave it to me last night. I acknowledge that I'm the only one who cares, so this blog is really for me (see my second post about people who talk about their kids).

The gift is a shirt and tie made of paper. The shirt has been colored in several colors of crayon. The tie is blue (my favorite color), and says "Happy Father's Day - I love you very much and miss you when you're in India. Love Cassie"

What is even more entertaining is the back, which has a form of questions to which Cassie obviously dictated answers. Enjoy:

My daddy is 26 years old.

My daddy is as tall as a shark.

My daddy is as strong as he can carry our coffee table.

My daddy is special because he is happy.

I like it when my daddy snuggles with me.

My daddy can do many things! I think he is best at coloring with me.

My daddy is smart. He even knows how to lift a frog.

Daddy always tells me funny stories.

I wish I knew what was going through her head sometimes. I don't know where she gets these answers, but they're fun - AND, I DO LOVE TO SNUGGLE WITH HER!



Anonymous said...

this blog isn't just for you. Anything about Cassie warms my heart and makes me smile, especially when she talks about you. There is nothing more wonderful than being loved by and special to a child. Especially when she looks up to you - ? the reference to a shark. Does that mean she thinks you're tall but only sees you lying down?????

Scott Lessard said...

I guess that's possible; either that, or I have a real orthodontic condition and a growth out of my back.

Paul Lessard said...

well we all know you have growths ON your back...