Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"If I can make it there..."

...it'll be a miracle, since there are seven of us going! That's right, we've booked our family vacation back home to New York. This month is going to seem so long waiting for our departure. Angie and I are taking the kids back to New York at the end of July. We'll be staying at AMA's house (7 of us, plus her and my nephew Paul in a two story, two bedroom house) and it will be a little "snug", but reminiscent of our family sleep-overs when I was young. There will be sleeping on the floors, couches, and anything else soft.

I'm so grateful that she lets us come up to stay with her. Our vacation is like work for her. Maybe that's why we haven't done it since before Cassie was born (Thanksgiving week in 2001 - right after 9/11). All I know is that I can't wait. It is important that the kids get to know their family in New York and that my family in New York get to know the kids. Also, where can we go that we don't need a hotel, and that I can fly 3 of us for $1000 and use 100,000 miles for the others? Other than a rental and activities, it is a relatively affordable vacation.

On our agenda:
Block party at Jill and JP's house in Long Beach (we'll get to see everyone there)
Family get together at AMA's house (Fiesta Salad, here I come)
Beach (can't get to the shore in North Texas - at least not easily)
Great Adventure (called Six Flags down here)
Bronx Zoo
Day in Manhattan (with a special surprise for the kids)
Met Game (the FIRST place Mets, that is)
Visits with more family

All I know is that Cassie won't stop talking about seeing her cousins (Nat, CeeCee, AmandaMu, Katydid), her "Uncle" Paul, her AMA, her ACA, and everyone else.

I'm getting excited thinking about it. Is it July 28th, yet?


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Michele said...

Well I am looking forward to going to the met game with you all. Hope you have a great trip and look forward to seeing you the 4th- enjoy it all xoxoxo