Sunday, July 09, 2006

Party at my house...

This weekend we had some good friends over for no good reason other to spend time with them. If you remember, a couple of entries ago, I blogged about how we all gave the house a very good cleaning. Once that was done, it was easy to say, "Let's have everyone over". You see, I love to entertain in our house, but Angie and I (mostly me) really feel like our home has to be inviting in order to do it. This typically means making sure it is clean. Actually, Angie and I have different takes on this, but when you look at it, we are really the same.

In order for us to invite people over, I want my home to be neat, orderly and clean. This is one of the ways that I feel we can convey to our friends that we want them there. Most of them tell us that it is nonsense, and that may be true. Most of us have multiple children, and most of our homes are pretty much in disarray most of the time.

For Angie, she was to decorate when company is coming, not clean. She hangs pictures, rearranges furniture, and basically does a "decorating on a dime" before our friends arrive. Everything typically looks great when she's done, and this time is no different. The house looks great.

One thing we agree on is how the outside should look. We both felt motivate to get the flowerbeds weeded and planted. (Un)fortunately, this year we hired our landscaper to do the work. Between work, school and general laziness, we hadn't gotten it done this year. He cleaned our the grass, planted the flowers that Angie and I bought at Home Depot, and laid down the mulch. It looks great. Everything did and we had a great time with friends.

Now I just need to figure out how we are going to keep all of those plants alive with the water restrictions in place. Apparently, our IMMENSE water bill is going to go up 4X unless we figure out how to lower our usage. I'll blog about that one next time...



Anonymous said...

Correction....I do clean, but as a reward to myself, I like to decorate, too. If we had more parties at our house, our house might get completed sooner!


Anonymous said...

It must be in the blood. All of us are the same when it came time for company and holidays. I can't even stand having laundry in the hamper when I'm expecting company (Idon't know why - I don't think anyone looks). If the house seems in disarray I feel very disorganized and that overwhelms me. I like everything done so I don't have to worry about it. I'm alittle less crazy now, but since I work days I just can't go home and start to clean up, so it often waits until the weekend or I have the energy. I don't clean as much as I would like. The problem is when I clean it also means windows, rug shampoo etc. That takes more effort than I often have the energy for. It will be done by the 28th for sure.

Scott Lessard said...

Oh - I LOOK!!!

Too bad that metal, built in the wall hamper is so squeaky. I always feel like I'm going to be exposed for looking in the hamper.


Anonymous said...

I'll oil it, but that will probably ruin whatever clothes goes in it. I'll just make sure there is nothing in it when you come.