Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pool Boy

I've recently come to the conclusion that my beautiful wife (Angie) knows me like no other human being on this earth. What is troublesome about this fact, is that she uses this information to her advantage. Smart? Yes. Devious? Definitely. Expensive? You better believe it. Be careful not to underestimate a beautiful woman.

Here's a recent example; Angie has been bugging me for a while now to get a pool installed. I IMMEDIATELY shut down the discussion telling her that we can't afford it, that we don't have the room in the backyard due to a utility line running through it, and that it isn't in the best interest of our family. Case closed, further discussion averted, right? Wrong!

What does she do? She gets me excited about it. That's all it takes, I guess.

She has scheduled two pool companies to come to the house, to talk about pools, and give us some ideas about price. When I confronted her about having estimates done, she just said she wanted to get some ideas and she thought it would be fun. I think she just knew that getting me involved would start the excitement process. By the way, the best quote heard so far: "We can definitely get you in under $30,000.00" Sheesh, I thought this was going to be expensive!!!

Yesterday is a good example. She had a guy come in, and the next thing I know I'm going through these little plastic templates placing a kidney shaped offering in a drawn to-scale version of my backyard. It was so cool, and what did it do - it got me excited about getting a pool. I inquired about the deck. I asked about the fence. I knew I was in trouble when I offered that I really wanted a hot tub.

Fortunately, the financing will probably bring me down to earth, and we won't do anything stupid, at least not now. However, I now know that Angie knows how to get to me - and that knowledge may be the most expensive thing I can think of.



Angie said...

$23,600 baby....that's all!!! But that is w/out your hot tub. Who needs a hot tub in Texas??

Michele said...

Funny how just yesterday I was discussing this same topic with another loving member of our family.We were discussing the very hot weather and comparing it. I was quite suprised to learn you did not have a pool. Having lived in Florida where everyone has a pool, I was curious to know why you didnt. Average temperatures are a bit higher in Texas than they are in Florida, but when the reasons you didnt have a pool were listed I could totally understand, with the water bills being so big, Cassie being so small and all things in between. I will make sure I come to visit in the winter where the winter weather will NOT make me wish for taking a nice cool dip in the pool as the summer heat would. Hot or Not I am looking forward to seeing Texas, maybe I will bring some supersoakers in case we need to cool

Anonymous said...

Installation is probably the cheapest part of the project. Don't forget property taxes, homeowneres insurance, water bills, and entertaining everyone in town because ........... Good luck