Monday, August 21, 2006

A day so nice, let's play twice...

but it was so hot, we only played half of the second one...

I know the beginning does not read as the opening of a love letter, but that is exactly what this blog is all about. You see, I have a wife that understands me and acts on that understanding. Clearly, there are times where her needs are secondary to my own - and regardless of how she is feeling, she let's me come first. This doesn't happen all the time, nor is Angie perfect, but what I am slowly coming to realize is that the things that I would cause fights about (housekeeping, organization, responsibility, etc.) are all secondary to what really matters. And, if I focus on those things that matter, Angie hits a home run consistently.

Case in point (and the reason for the title): This weekend I spent playing golf with coworkers near Lake Texoma. About 12 of us decided a three day, 2 round a day session was in order starting Friday morning. Because I had to attend offsite meetings, I made plans to meet the guys Friday night at the resort.

After working for the day and spending some time with Angie and the kids, I left for Tanglewood. I played tons of golf (45 holes for me), won some money (my partner and I came in second in a best ball round), lost some money (The Choctaw Indians have it), ate some good food and had a great time.

When I got home on Sunday, Angie and the kids were still out, so I caught a nap. When she got home, it was just so evident that she was happy to have me home. It is just amazing that the nicer and more thoughtful we are to each other, the more we want to is just this great cycle that we are in right now, and I'll do as much as possible to keep it going. Unfortunately, school starts tonight, so it will get that much harder - but it's worth it.


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