Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Quick Takes..

A couple of updates from previous blog entries

1) Water bill - we received our water bill for last month. Because we were able to reduce our consumption over 10% from the previous year, we were not charged tiered pricing. Had we been, the bill would have been very high. We reduced from 58,000 gallons to 32,000. Still have more work to do, but everyone is doing a great job pitching in.

2) Justin - Justin is back home already (after not quite three weeks in Austin). He and his girlfriend decided they were too young to play house and be so serious. Sometimes I really wish he'd listen to me. He's got his old job back, but not much in the way of plans (at least that I know of). Will be interesting and sure to be the subject of many blog entries going forward.

3) School - everyone is back in school (Dylan, Marissa, myself AND Cassie). Cassie is going to pre-school at a local church two days a week, and seems very excited. She'll receive instruction in Spanish, Computers, Gym and "Big" church. She is very excited. I wish I had her excitement. I am taking Linear Algebra and Business Law. Not much fun. Dylan has taken up 7th grade football, and Marissa has been inquiring about Volleyball. They are doing awesome!

4) Bitten - I've been "re-bitten" by the golf bug coming off of my weekend with the boys. A good bud of mine and I have a 6:28AM tee time for Friday. Can anyone say coffee?

5) License to kill - I've renewed my Freshwater Fishing license in Texas, AND added a hunting license to it. Add on an endorsement for migratory birds and a HIP registration, and I'm ready for the carnage. Angie's uncle is taking me dove hunting on Sunday (for you New Yorkers, pigeon is a type of dove, so don't feel bad). This is the year I catch a fish down here, too.

6) Love is in the air - Angie and I continue to have a period of closeness, kindness and intimacy. Everything is better when that occurs. Pray that it continues.


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