Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Baby got (a hurt) back

Over the course of the last week and a half I have been struggling, and mostly losing, with some severe back pain. It started Saturday, March 10th - Angie and I were doing some spring cleaning in the garage. I wasn't lifting anything heavy, rather I was leaning over a crate filtering through its contents. Then BAM!!! If felt like someone stuck a knife in the right side of the small of my back. I could move too much for the next 36 hours, or so. However, by Wednesday (the 14th) it was feeling much better so I boarded my flight to California to finish out the week.

All was going splendidly, enough for me to have forgotten about my back troubles, until last Saturday morning. I was playing with Cassie and Dylan and was leaning over the coffee table. WHAM!!!! It happened again, except this time on the right side of the small of my back. And this one was much worse. I crashed to the floor and had to have Angie help me up. I sat on the couch for a few minutes, medicated, and decided that bed rest was the order of the day.

Several hours later, I tried to get out of bed and couldn't - my back wouldn't let me. As the "call of nature" got more pressing, I asked Angie to see if she could help me up. Bad call on my part. I instantly set off back spasms that had me screaming. Angie started making calls to neighbors and friends and family for advice. I medicated and screamed some more. At one point I had three good friends standing over me in my bed as I was immobile. That had to be a sight.

After spending all day Saturday and Sunday in bed, I was finally able to get up and go to the doctor on Monday. He examined me and came to the conclusion that I don't have disk trouble. In fact, my problem stems not so much from my back but my front (weight). My doctor likened the bottom of my spine to a broom handle - trying to hold all of that weight above it is hard. He medicated me and gave me stretching and strength exercises for my back - AND, told me to get some exercise and lose some weight.

I'm still sore, but I am coming around. You should see me walk. I look like the oldest 37 year old man you will ever see.


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