Sunday, March 25, 2007

I got hitched, now I'm broke!

Most men can relate to the subject of this message. Fortunately for me, it's not what you think.

Angie and I have been camping a couple of times with our friends and the kids, and every time we've gone we've had an outstanding time. Whether fishing, boating, swimming, hiking while the kids ride their bikes...whatever, it is just so much fun being outdoors enjoying our family and friends. Because of the fun that we've had, we've been looking for a way to do it a little less roughly and a little more conveniently. One of our friend couples had a popup camper, and we've thought that one could be the answer we were looking for - particularly one that had an A/C unit that would allow us to camp during the hot summer months.

We've been actively looking for a camper that would fit our price range and our needs. Basically one we could wet our feet with. I had a trailer hitch installed on the truck last week in preparation. In the meantime, Angie found an older used model that, if in good condition, would meet our needs. Basically, something that provided the comfort and the accessibility we were looking for in an inexpensive package that really didn't matter if we did a couple of things wrong and damaged it in minor ways - ultimately, we were looking for an entry level camper.

We started looking at used RV dealerships, but came to the conclusion that the markup was too much, so she started looking at some individual sellers. Lo and behold, she found a 1995 Coleman Arcadia (manufactured by Fleetwood). It was close to our house, so we went prepared (with what we were willing to pay in cash) and went to look at it.

It is an older model, but it had everything we were looking for. The unit sleeps 5 to 6 and has a very good working A/C. It even has a shower unit, a microwave, and the seller threw in an unused porta-potty. Basically, it is old, but in good shape, and our first offer was accepted.

After the seller showed us how to put it away, we connected it to the truck, and drove home. We've put it up, cleaned it out, and am currently making sure that everything we need works properly. In two weeks we take it to Goliad, TX (Angie has cousins there) for our first Spring Turkey and Hog hunt. After that, the sky's the limit. Texas has tons of beautiful state parks and now that we have the camper, we can stay for $20 a night. Can't beat that!

Happy Camping.


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