Sunday, July 15, 2007


The wet weather that Texas has been experiencing has been a mixed blessing. Looking back at last year, we were suffering through a prolonged drought, lake (reservoir) levels were very low and the city we live in was exacting water restrictions. Amazing the difference a year makes. We've had almost two months of constant thunderstorms, north Texas has been flooding as lakes are overflowing and I've yet to run the sprinklers, but have a lush green lawn. In fact, looking at this month's water billed, we used 5,100 gallons. Twelve months ago, we used over 50,000.

Unfortunately, because of these thunderstorms, and the constant threat of thunderstorms, we've been unable to use our camper. In fact, we've had three cancelled camping trips, with only one outing actually completed. This last weekend was the latest cancellation, as Cassie, Angie and I were going to spend a day swimming at Bonham State Park. We have several more trips scheduled, but the storms look to continue so we're not sure if we'll make them or not.

This coming weekend we have scheduled with some good friends in San Antonio. The plan is the camp at Blazing Star RV Friday and Saturday nights, and go to San Antonio's Six Flags (Fiesta Texas) on Saturday. Perhaps the kids will get some swimming and we'll do some grilling, as well.

Next month, we have two trips planned. One to Lake Tawakoni State Park and one to Tyler State Park. Hopefully, we'll have normal Texas weather to enjoy (hot and dry).

Ultimately, however, the real camping season this year starts in September. The plan is to camp in State Parks near public hunting lands. Texas puts aside almost two hundred lots of acreage dedicated to dove and other hunting. With a public annual hunting permit, we'll be able to hunt these lands for free. Dylan and I may try our luck at some public hunting for hog, deer, javelina and turkey, as well. Some of these hunts are lottery based, but we'll be putting on our entries for the drawings.

Hopefully, it won't be too wet to go.



Michele said...

Well I do hope the rain lets up so you can get a couple good camping trips in this summer. I have a question for gonna eat that thing?? ( the javelina ) ewwwwwww nasty look isnt he? and it says he smells too? Weather here in NY has been absolutely gorgeous....been going to the beach alot. You all thought I was tan last yr? Ha- even darker now. Wish you were here to enjoy the ocean with me. Love to All...always looking forward to your blog entries.

Scott Lessard said...

I will eat whatever I kill. Apparently, lots of game can be made into chopped meat and/or sausage. When we were with Angie's cousins, they had either wild hog or venison sausage mixed in with store bought pork sausage. It was yummy.

Be careful at the beach. Ask Angie to show you here three inch scars where she had skin cancer removed.


Michele said...

I know you eat everything you kill, just looks kinda nasty and read it smells really bad. As for game chopmeat- I love venison chili- best chili I ever had. Good Eats to ya!! And as for the beach... I use a 30 sunblock and am very good about putting on a tshirt and wearing a hat. I moisturize constantly and even bought a spf 50 umbrella for the beach. I am not a lay in the sun kinda gal- most of my color comes from being in the water, but thanks for the concern and I will continue to be careful.