Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hot Sauce and Half-Shells

About two and a half months ago, upon arriving home from a business trip on a Friday evening, I bummed a cigarette from a neighbor. The date was May 4th, and it was the last cigarette that I have had. At the time, I started working out, but haven't kept that up. In the same period of time, I haven't even tried to diet. It's been pretty hard.

However, this Monday I started my diet again. I'm at 300 lbs, and I've gotten disgusted enough to do something about it. I've had a great two days ending at about 1950 calories for each. It's been relatively easy, as well. Angie bought a bunch of different diet foods for me to help.

I use a website, to track my intake. The site has a lot of foods listed, so you can search your food and enter how much you've had. It tracks the calories, fat, carbs, protein, etc. You can also track your progress with your weight, interact with others for support, get recipes, and meal plans.

I have a lunch planned today, and I was pre-planning my menu choices to stay in line with the diet. We are going to Flying Fish and they have a great grilled menu. I'm getting grilled tilapia and a dozen raw oysters. The amazing thing is that the entire meal is only a couple of hundred calories. Grilled and boiled seafood is an awesome way to eat - low fat and carbs and huge amounts of protein. Hopefully, eating like this will help me melt the pounds away. My goal is to be at 199 by my 40th birthday.

Next week I'm back in the gym.



Michele said...

Just a quick Culinary FYI--- Chilies ( all kinds and derivatives such as tabasco, red pepper flakes, chilie paste and cayenne pepper ) are very healthy. They contain alot of vitamins, good source of potassium and folic acid, no cholesterol and low in calories and speeds up metabolism, besides adding mucho flavor to everything. So keep eatin the CHILIES and HOT SAUCE!! Good luck to ya!

Scott Lessard said...

I hear you. Unfortunately, my stomach doesn't always share your exhuberance for all things spicy.

One of the real unknown gems of living in Texas is the jalapeno. Man, I love those things! I think I took you to Whataburger (or, in fact, you might have taken us)...I love putting jalapenos on their cheeseburgers.

I better quit before I blow my diet. :)

Michele said...

Whataburger was awesome....and as for your diet- try buffalo ( bison ) chopmeat-- much lower in fat and cholesterol than lean ground beef and even chicken. So grill your burger at home- top it with your jalepeno's and put it on a whole wheat bun, instead of catsup ( ketchup ) use salsa- also lower in sugar than other condiments. ENJOY!!